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We promise to create a safe work place alongside an approach which demonstrates a heightened environmental awareness for the world around us.

Here at Ardent Exploration, our systems are created and managed with a great attention to detail in order to ensure we protect and serve our local lands and the communities around us. We are committed to maintaining a high level of safety and security in all aspects of our services. To find out more about our practices, please see below.


Our operators are trained and made aware of health and safety precautions as this is at the core of our approach to how we work. We take care and we maintain the highest quality safety measures in order to offer a safe and secure working environment for our employees, partners and contractors.


Projects and operations that we orchestrate are carried out with a commitment to care and awareness of  environmental safety. We maintain high quality guidelines in order to reduce our environmental footprint.


Our values are practised through the awareness of the communities in areas of which we operate. We dedicate our commitment to improving the security, stability, and prosperity of local communities. We are take a proactive approach in the understanding of local people and lands.

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